10 12 09

||| Echolalia |||

Involving twelve participants and a vast array of mixers, cassette players and archival material, Echolalia is a night of collaborative performances exploring obsolete technologies, lost techniques and underground artist networks. Culminating in a vast tape-loop orchestra lead by Preslav Literary School, the show will also feature a premiere performance from one of the most prolific and interesting recording artists of our time, Machinefabriek, and special compositions from Poldr, Jazzfinger, Posset and five other artists from the North East.


Saturday 12 December, Star & Shadow Cinema, Newcastle upon Tyne. £5 - 8 pm (tickets available on the door)

Preslav Literary School will then tour the UK along with Poldr:

12 Dec 2009: Star & Shadow Cinema, Newcastle upon Tyne, (with Machinefabriek, Jazzfinger & more)
13 Dec 2009: Vivid, Birmingham (with Nic Bulletin & Sudden Infant)
14 Dec 2009: Rammel Club, Chameleon, Nottingham, UK (with Sudden Infant).
15 Dec 2009: MAP, Leeds (with support)
17 Dec 2009: Secret London show, Dalston (with James Edmonds. Mail for details!)
18 Dec 2009: Resonance 104.4 FM, London. Broadcast time tbc.
20 Dec 2009: Coachwerks, Brighton (with James Edmonds)


26 09 09

A special edition of the "night air" all about Elephant and Castles along with sounds and interviews is broadcasted several times over this week end on ABC the australian national radio. The show is available for podcast here:


Many thanks to John who produced the show!


15 09 09

EC001: Karaoke Amorella (cd)
An amazing recording of a karaoke on the night ferry somewhere on the Baltic sea between Stockholm (sw) and Turku (fi). Melancholic Finish tangos, drunker's classics and Swedish ballads sung by the best...

EC002: Preslav Literary School - Beautiful was the time (cd)
Diverse creation from over 100 salvaged and reconstructed cassette tapes. Featuring moments of ecstatic, neo-classical harmony and disintegrating analogue phrases, this album retains both Preslav Literary School's trademark live aural energy and meticulous process-led compositional technique.

EC003: hotel gromada - amazonian rovers (cd)
Field recording based compositions from the French duo. A warm and playful album with the real ability to transport the listener to other places...

EC004: Sweet Albertine (mini cd)
A recording made place de l'Albertine in Brussels in the spring 2008 during the city's day: la fête de l'iris. For this occasion various sound sculptures by Etienne Favre were installed on the square to be manipulated by the children...

EC005: Cawa Sorix - Pipistrello (mini cd)
''Les rumeurs concernant ce disque auraient contribué à faire perdre à la ville de Grenoble tout espoir de candidature aux J.O. D'hiver 2018.'' : Courrier International, 22 janvier 2009


released August 20, 2009